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Privacy Policy

Written by adminct

On 5 July 2020

In order to enable our customers to enjoy a safe and enjoyable service experience on SAGAME22 Entertainment, we ask our customers to carefully read this “Privacy Policy Terms” as it will involve matters related to our use of your personal information.

SAGAME22 Entertainment respects the personal privacy information provided to us by our customers. We will do our best to keep your information and data safe. We have the right to provide necessary personal information through the website to the payment platform service providers, as well as financial and insurance institutions, to complete the payment.

All personal information provided by members is transmitted through 128-bit SSL-encrypted secure ports and stored in a secure environment that is not accessible to the general public. Internal access to all data will be strictly limited and closely monitored.

We will email you promotional offers that may be of interest to you. SAGAME22 Entertainment will never disclose any personally identifiable information to any third party. This is the purpose of the privacy policy we have always followed.

At the same time we will also show how we handle customer data. We have a legal obligation on you to use your personal data, and we must have justified reasons to collect your data (about why the customer’s personal data has been collected, we have a description of a specific page), inform the purpose of collecting your data, and It is necessary to pass it on to anyone else and we will notify you personally.

Uses of our personal data include:

  • Used to confirm your identity and your account to create customer profiles
  • Manage customer relationships
  • Security Review
  • Perfect Services

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